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Classic Biker Leather Apparel and Accessories

A leader in sales of biker jackets and motorcycle vests, Classic Biker Leather sells motorcycle apparel and care products that rank high in customer satisfaction for value, customer service, and fast delivery. When shopping for a top quality motorcycle leather jacket, Classic Biker Leather carries a wide range of style and fabric choices, including denim and Kevlar, as well as leather and light weight combinations of leather and fabric/textile. We offer numerous color choices, including our classic brown leather collection. Turn to Classic Biker Leather when you want the best in motorcycle shirts (long and short sleeved as well as sleeveless), boots, gloves, and denim apparel. Leather saddle/gear bags, race suits, rain suits, children’s motorcycle apparel, and motorcycle helmets are also in-stock items.

We carry, in all sizes, women’s soft leather hip-hugging motorcycle chaps and leather low-riding hip-hugger motorcycle pants that follow the body’s contours with top quality protection. For all the accessories and gear you'll need for safe, stylish riding, whether biker vest or motorcycle jacket, Classic Biker Leather will make sure you are outfitted correctly.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets and More

We understand comfort and durability. We understand flexibility and style. When you’re looking for a jacket style with buckled side tabs for additional waist adjustment, spandex panels or shoulder straps for comfort, or stretch panels for inner arm flexibility, Classic Biker Leather motorcycle jacket styles are for you. Design features such as tab collars or trim in blue or red, a belted jacket or a style with concealed snaps, are easy to find at Classic Biker Leather. Motorcycle jackets come in a wide selection of choices for custom zipper pulls, snaps, buckles and non-rusting and non-corroding rivets and are made from top quality cow, lamb and buffalo hide.

We choose top grain leather, heavy duty zippers, and buffalo head snaps as well as quality design and workmanship to ensure reliability. We offer all sizes and styles, some with solid backs for patches and custom embroidery, from military jackets to Signature Ed Hardy designs. Classic Biker Leather motorcycle jacket styles for summer and winter comfort include those with multiple vents, vented chest, arms and/or shoulder blades for maximum air flow. Other features include minimal bulk thermoliners that direct body heat inward while releasing humidity and zippered cuffs with snaps that allow air to enter the jacket and cool the upper body.

Classic Biker Motorcycle Vests

From patrol style to cruising, our men’s S.W.A.T. bullet proof style biker’s vest tells the world that you are a person who thinks ahead and is prepared for emergencies. Many styles have a gun concealment pocket, so only you know how far that preparation goes. Classic Biker Leather motorcycle vests are sold for fashion only, contain no armor and are not bullet proof. We also offer orange, “high visibility” military reflective vests that make sure that your presence is known. Every Classic Biker Leather vest is designed to afford its wearer protection from the elements, using top quality materials and industrial strength fastenings to ensure maximum protection against rends and tears.

Ladies, shopping for a motorcycle vest? Classic Biker Leather carries a full line of biking fashion in women’s biker wear that meets the demands and needs of today’s rider with figure flattering longer length hourglass motorcycle vests as well as hourglass fit motorcycle leather jackets with braid trim. It’s not just about style, however. When it comes to understanding the need for a durable motorcycle vest, Classic Biker Leather treats you with the respect you’ve earned. Embellishments such as adjustable side lacing for comfort, hidden/inside pockets, durable lining, and a guarantee against rust and corrosion of all metal hardware, are just as important as the tantalizing 5 Antique Silver snap front closure.

When you’ve invested in a high-quality Classic Biker Leather motorcycle jacket, you get assurances you can depend on. Check out our policies page for full details of our 100% satisfaction guarantee and Hillside USA's products promise of a 3 year lining, elastic and Velcro guarantee as well as a lifetime guarantee against failed seams, defective fastenings/snaps and zippers, or defective leather not associated with owner damage from pins, patches, or circumstances not deemed normal wear and tear. Contact the Classic Biker Leather motorcycle jacket and vests experts for questions or more information concerning a specific item or service. We also offer leather repair of damage due to pins or patches, whether accidental or deliberate misuse, at reasonable prices.